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Mould Board Plough (unused)

PloegDirect available !
Mould Board Plough 3 furrow
Introduction price: € 4500,-


Fieldking Reversible Mould Board Plough is well designed for reverse ploughing alternately by the help of hydraulic mechanism.Basic functions are inverting, breaking and raising of soil.It can be used in tough conditions.


Numbers of Furrows  3 
Tyne (mm)  80 x 36
Mould Board (mm)                8
Plough Share (mm)  10
Point  100 x 15 (Forged)
Head Stock Bearing  32213 , 33015
Turnover Mechanism  Hydraulic
Width of Cut (mm)  1050
Depth of Cut  355
Weight (kg)  635
Safety  Shear Bolt
Tractor Power (HP)  75-100


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