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Piet de Heus, oprichter


Huug de Heus 2nd generation


P. de Heus en Zonen Greup B.V. was established in 1922 and is located at Stougjesdijk in Mijnsheerenland, conveniently placed near the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. Our family business is currently in the hands of the fourth generation. With nearly 90 years of experience under our belt our name is synonymous with a reliable partner in the import and export of tractors, equipment and construction machinery. We are also the importers of Eurotrac tractors, Boxer-Agri equipment and various well known manufacturers of agricultural equipment such as Vaia, Remac and Tierre. Heus & Zonen Greup Bv

The business was founded in 1923 by Piet de Heus, the current owner’s Great Grandfather, who started as a merchant at the Stougjesdijk in Greup, Mijnsheerenland. After the second world war agricultural mechanisation really took off, and so did the sales of tractors and machinery. These were often purchased in the North of Holland and sold in the South or to Belgium. The business also started trading in scrap metals. During the late 60’s we started importing Bazzoli machinery from Italy. Up to this day the sales of new farm machinery plays an important role in our business, and we sell equipment from manufacturers including Vaia, Remac, Tierre, Grecco and Ferri.



In the mid 1980s Ed de Heus, already the third generation in the company, started exporting tractors around the world, and Ford and Massey Ferguson tractors became especially popular. Alongside this construction equipment and harvesting machinery was also being exported and the export market continued to grow. Around the world there is a strong demand for Dutch tractors, which are generally very well maintained and of good quality. But, after thirty years of export, the availability of good second hand tractors and combine harvesters starts to decline in Holland. Hence we purchase a lot of machinery in other European countries like Belgium and France. This way we can offer a wide range of all popular makes and models.

werf in 60er jaren

Today P. de Heus en Zonen export around 2000 tractors per year around the world. Beside this a lot of construction machinery and combine harvesters are also exported. We also supply international developing projects with tractors and machinery. With our convenient location between Rotterdam and Antwerp we keep the distance to the port short and avoid excessive costs, and due to our sizeable expertise we can also arrange all paper work for you. We generally have at least 1000 tractors, harvesters and implements in stock at our four hectare yard. You can find our latest current stock on our website.

Ed,Bert en Hugo de Heus
Ed, Hugo and Bert de Heus.  
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